Swans - Holy Money

1986, K.422Go Ahead

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Anónimo dijo...

Hi, Wonderful blog and the Swans haul is especially great. But the Holy Money rar file is actually a mislabelled Greed. Thought you should know!

Caravatti dijo...

HOLY MONEY and GREED were two different albums. Both was re-released together on one CD in 1992. The track list from re-released was: Time Is Money (Bastard)/Money Is Flesh/Another You/Blackmail/A Screw (Holy Money)/Fool/Stupid Child/Anything For You/Nobody/A Screw/Heaven/Coward/A Hanging/You Need Me/Greed.

Anónimo dijo...

GREED and HOLY MONEY, as originally released (separately), each contained different mixes of the songs "Fool" and "Money is Flesh" - only one mix of either these appears on the single-CD reissue. The version of "Holy Money" on HOLY MONEY was an unique mix omitted from the re-issue.

The same occurs with the WORLD OF SKIN albums: the first two (Gira & Jarboe solo) were combined onto a single CD at the expense of one or two tracks. When this was later re-releaed, the song "Breathing Water" had omitted from it the line "Here we are, what to we get .... nothing" removed. When the first two albums were re-released with the third, more loss occurred.

Generally, as the SWANS' catalogue was anthologized and re-anthologized, such omissions became more common. Therefore, anyone seeking the full SWANS discography should bear in mind re-releases and anthologies as initial levels of excavation; the original releases bear the full truth, and sometimes some precious finds.

Thanks for having posted some of these original releases.