Galaxie 500 - On Fire

1989, Rough TradeGo Ahead

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Anónimo dijo...

I grew up in the Boston area and never missed a Galaxie 500 show! They were an excellent live band. Once night they played a Cambridge Ma club called "Nightstage" which also housed a lesbian, disco bbq joint in the basement! Needless to say during a gorgeous Galaxie 500 set, loud thumping bass from the basement could be heard. I remember it being so annoying that even the band stopped to comment.

M.A. dijo...

One of my favourite records of all time, by these days. I was listening to it a few hours ago, on the way to go working.

Rock on!

M.A. dijo...

And I forgot to say that tomorrow I'll be watching Damon & Naomi live, here in Lisbon, Portugal.

dah_sab dijo...

Once I ate mushrooms at a party, came home, put this great album on and started crying. And crying. I couldn't stop crying. Had to wake up my girlfriend for help. It felt like everything bad that had happened in my (not bad at all) life had happened yesterday. I love this album, despite that experience. Or maybe because of that experience. No matter.

Los Peores Discos dijo...


You have a very very very very excellent blog.

Greetings from Adrogué, Argentina.