Lightning Bolt - Hypermagic Mountain

2005. load
Underneath all the scuzz and spasm, though, they're a groove band, hustling a hard-edged experimentalism you don't have to work hard to enjoy.
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Lightning Bolt - Wonderful Rainbow

2003. load
Listening to Lightning Bolt is like picking up the live end of a downed power line.

Lightning Bolt - Conan

2000. load
Atomic blasts of crystalline fury that send shards of feedback and blistering distortion.

Lightning Bolt - Earthly Delights

2009. load
Known for their loud and chaotic live shows (where they play on the floor and not on stage) and their unique style which mixes together elements of speed metal, noise and free jazz.

Lightning Bolt - Ride The Skies

2001. load
2-piece drums-and-bass band from Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
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Lightning Bolt - Lightning Bolt

1999. load
Noise rock for fans of: Ruins, The Locust, Fushitsusha, Melt Banana, Hella, Dazzling Killmen or Black Dice.